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BBM for PC:¬†Nowadays it is rare to see people without mobile phones. Cell phones play a significant role in communication. Without communication, it’s hard for everyone to survive on the planet. There are many mobile platforms out of these all the Android is the leading mobile operating system provider.Other than that the rest will come.We all know, own BlackBerry a Canadian Telecommunication product which in earlier days does not have messaging Application. Later it launch its very own precious application BlackBerry Messenger called as BBM Application to its customer.

Initially it is used to communicate with the BlackBerry users. By which we can able to message with our friends who is using BlackBerry mobile. In order to overcome this disadvantage blackberry has officially launched its BlackBerry mobile chat application in all the platforms by which we can chat with all the peoples using different mobile brands.After looking into the specifications of Blackberry mobile we all want to use it in the PC also.

This post will help you to get the BlackBerry mobile application to your pc. Click here to download BBM for pc.

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BBM FOR WINDOWS XP/7/8/8.1/10:

Download BBM for windows pc: BBM for pc will provide you to communicate with your friends and families.With the help of BBM for PC you can made video chat with friends, families.The special part of BBM for pc is the privacy provided by the BBM application.So Download the BBM for PC immediately and enjoy the chatting with your friends.I ensure you that it will be a new experience.

BBM application is not officially launched to the pc. Thanks to the android emulator by which we can use this wonderful BBM application in our PC.Installing this BBM application is not quite easier.But on comparing with MAC OS it is easier for the windows OS users.Most of the people around the planet is using windows operating system in their PCs.And By the way if you are not having BBM application in your android, Apple and Windows mobiles you can download it from here.

Download BBM for Android.

Download BBM for iOS.

Download BBM for BlackBerry.

Download BBM for Windows Phone.

Download BBM for Mac PC.

Download BBM For Windows PC

Read this article entirely by which you can get your Favourite BBM application on your pc.


1.Download Bluestack Android emulator on your pc.

download bbm for pc

2.Install the Bluestack the emulator and sign in using your gmail account.

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3.After successful login enter BBM in the search box.

BBM for pc,bbm for windows,bbm for ios,bbm for windows 7,bbm for windows 8

4.Click on the BBM  application and Click install.

BBM for pc,bbm for windows,bbm for ios,bbm for windows 7,bbm for windows 8

5.The BBM application will start to install in your pc and now by your BBM app is now on your pc.

BBM for pc,bbm for windows,bbm for ios,bbm for windows 7,bbm for windows 8Start explore your friends and have fun.

Unique Features of BBM for PC:-

BBM is a cloud Based application by which you can receive the message on multiple devices. This application is similar to telegram .Even though this messaging application is not officially launched for pc it works perfectly works in pc even more than the mobile devices.Video conferences is done by using the BBM for pc. Here are the unique features of BBM for pc.

  1. Superior privacy and protection. The messages you send are encrypted and send. So no one can read the message other than you. By this you can make business dealings and contracts. BBM is known for its security.
  2. Enhances the speed transmission.Blackberry is using ultra high band Frequency cloud server by which you can quickly send and receive data within the fraction of the time.
  3. Video calling is perfect.Even in 2G the video calling is clarity is very high.Noise signals will be reduced and the video will be received with great clarity. The Select algorithm is used to compress the video .Even though it gets compressed the clarity will not get reduced.
  4. Unique emoticons is included.This emoticons will be in the BBM application. This emotions will be available only in the BBM for PC specially designed by the BBM team.Unique emoticons means exclusive enjoyment, special joy.
  5. Easily we can send message to our beloved ones.Particularly in PC it is easy because big screen, big keypad.
  6. Above all this, BBM application is available in the market for free.
  7. You can add any number of friends in the group.
  8. At the same time, you can send unlimited photos and videos to your contacts at the same time.You can do this all for free.
  9. Voice clarity is impressive while doing voice calling and video calling.No interruptions occur while doing.
  10. Moderate amount of data consumed on comparing with the other messaging application.
  11. A special part of this application is you can send GIF format files.
  12. We can create our BBM for PC profile.
  13. Unique PIN is used to invite your friends, so you can avoid giving mobile number to them.By the way in BBM for PC you can also invite the friends for chatting using Email, SMS, Scanning QR code.

Achievements of BBM for PC:

Even though BBM failed to beat the messenger application such as Whatsapp, Telegram.It is having its peculiar fans by the side.It is going to reach the 500 million users in further years. Its all because of its user interface.The BBM team had worked a lot to develop the user interface.It failed to competitive with messenger giants but hold its position in right way.

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BBM for pc

Closure on BBM for PC:

Thus by downloading the BBM application, you can able to enjoy the chatting. I personally tried in my pc it is really amazing.If you wont believe it just go by yourself.This complete guide will definitely help you to get your favorite BBM application on your Windows PC.

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